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Equity Release

You may have substantial Equity in your house in France just waiting to be released for the benefit of a better lifestyle.

One of the ways to raise money would be to refinance your French home to enable you perhaps to finance a down payment for another property purchase, lower your existing monthly mortgage payment on your French property or simply to enjoy a holiday or a brand new car.

Refinance and cash out mortgages are not seen by French bankers as a way to stabilise your finances in a difficult time or to consolidate debt. Therefore, you must apply for refinance and cash out whilst you are still able to meet the French lending eligibility criteria. This is clearly defined as having no more than one third of your regular income taken by debt payments

Equity Release is being offered more by banks now to owners of property in France.  Rules on eligibility can differ from bank to bank and are not always presented in a clear manner therefore we recommend working with our independent bilingual Team to ensure you obtain the best mortgage conditions and to make the application process as easy as possible.

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